Alan Constantino

Front-End Web Developer

Creating Your Own Deepfakes Without Coding Experience

Creating your own deepfakes has been possible for a while now but the problem was that it required a lot of data, computing power, and time. But now, thanks to several AI researchers, we are now able to create deepfakes with a single image. Better yet, not only can we create deepfakes with a single image, but they also don't take hours or days to make, now they take only mere seconds and at most a couple of minutes.

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Water Your Plant Using a Raspberry Pi and Python

I suck at taking care of plants, mostly because I forget to water them. So then I started thinking, "I'm sure someone out there has figured out a way to automate this process." Turns out, there are plenty of people who have. Namely in the form of using an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi to automatically water their plants. In this post, I'll be talking about how I used a Raspberry Pi and Python to automatically water my plant.

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Keep the Footer at the Bottom

How do we keep that pesky footer at the bottom? Well, today I'll be showcasing three solutions to this problem. The first and simplest solution is using flexbox, the second solution is using grid, and the final solution is using a wrapper. Alright, let's get started.

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5 Simple-To-Use APIs for Beginners

In this article I'll be talking about five simple-to-use APIs to help inspire project ideas. The goal of this post is to inspire you to create a project, whether it be simple or complex, and start using APIs.

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Creating a Discord Bot With Python

In this article we'll create a Discord bot using Python. The bot we'll be creating today will have a simple purpose, telling jokes. We will give the bot a command and it will return a random joke. This should be simple enough, let's get started!

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Getting Started With the Terminal

So, you want to learn how to use the Terminal. Great! As a developer, sooner or later, you’ll want to learn how to use the Terminal. Not only is this a handy tool to have under your belt, but it will also boost your productivity.

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